RIRC Oncology Rehabilitation Program

Our Highly Trained Rehabilitation Staff Awaits You

RI Rehab’s oncology rehabilitation program is led by a team of certified, experienced, compassionate and sensitive specialists who are specifically trained to treat patients who were diagnosed with all forms of cancer.

Karen's Story | TestimonialOur oncology rehabilitation experts are at the top of their fields and comprise a variety of disciplines:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Massage Therapists

Benefits of Rehabilitation

  • Reduce fatigue from radiation, chemotherapy and surgery
  • Improve balance from Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Improve upper body, lower body and core strength
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduce scar tissue from mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction
  • Learn how to prevent and care for lymphedema
  • Reduce pain
  • Learn skills for how to improve your ability to complete daily activities at work and in the home

Rhode Island Rehabilitation STAR Program® in Oncology RehabilitationRI Rehab Oncology BrochureWe Offer Comprehensive Care That Is Covered By Health Insurance
We are uniquely qualified to offer premium oncology rehabilitation services that are covered by insurance. It is important that all of our services are reimbursable by health insurance providers so that you can focus on your recovery, health and well-being, not expenses.

We Are Committed To Helping You Reach Optimal Recovery

A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic, so are the life-saving treatments that are required to treat the disease. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery can cause serious medical problems that may interfere with daily functioning and wellbeing. Recovering patients are frequently plagued with symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, insomnia, memory loss, fear, anxiety and depression in the aftermath of treatment.

Rhode Island Rehabilitation STAR Program® in Oncology RehabilitationRhode Island Rehabilitation’s oncology trained therapists offer effective physical rehabilitation treatments that encourage faster recovery times, reduction in pain, and an improved overall quality of life. It is important to note that addressing the devastating psychological and emotional after effects of cancer are critical to ensuring mental health and wellbeing.

Whether You’re Newly Diagnosed Or Completed Your Treatment,
We Can Help

Whether you are just beginning treatment, already completed your cancer treatment, or are experiencing lasting effects from unresolved issues, there are rehabilitative treatments that you can benefit from. Our program is open to everyone, no matter the prognosis, stage of cancer, or phase of recovery.

Newly diagnosed patients may want to increase their strength and endurance and work to prevent future medical problems. Survivors living with cancer as a chronic disease may require help to manage treatment related conditions. Individuals who are cured, or in remission, will benefit from treatment plans that focus on boosting the immune system to encourage long-term healing in the aftermath of the disease.

Rhode Island Rehabilitation STAR Program® in Oncology Rehabilitation

We Are Committed To Bringing You The Highest Level Of Care After Cancer
In recent years, many have finally begun to understand the importance of creating rehabilitation programs that serve patients post-Cancer treatment. This phase of survivorship is critical in an individual’s ability to move from surviving, to thriving. RI Rehab’s oncology program emphasizes a tailored plan of care to address the individual health needs of each recovering patient. We want to help you to get back on track and return to previous activity levels - whether it is at work, home, or in recreational and social environments.

When Evaluating Your Needs We Look At The “Big Picture”
Rather than using a problem-oriented approach that tackles each health issue as it arises, RI Rehab proactively address the full spectrum of post-cancer care. When evaluating a patient, we focus on health conditions and symptoms, diet, sleep issues, existing pain, endurance, strength, exercise habits, and emotional outlook, as all of these factors have an important effect on physical and emotional healing.

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